Online Payment

(Beginning in the June 2016 billing cycle)  


Pay your utility bills online using WIPP (Web Inquiry Payment Portal).  Sign in using the Account # and PIN # that is shown on your Billing Satement.


Click here for WIPP!!!


Once you've logged into your Account you can:

Pay your Utility Bill

Review Billing & payment history

Review services & consumption summaries 


Make sure to keep the Transaction or Confirmation number that you should receive from each online payment.

This is needed in case of any technical problems that could occur. This information can also assist our financial software company needs to research the transaction.

All payments that are made online by the due date could take up to 24-48 hours until we can see any paid payments in our system.

Your account must be paid in full Before or By the deadline date in order for your services to remain active. A percentage 2% service fee will be included during all online transactions.

The service fees are based on how much your Ending balance is and which type of card is used during each transaction.




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