Emergency Medical Services

Heartland Emergency Medical Services is the 911 provider for the City of Cochran and Bleckley County in Central Georgia. Heartland is independently owned and operates corporate administrative and billing offices in Cochran, Georgia. Heartland EMS provides contract services for the transportation of patients to and from the Carl Vinson Veterans Administration Hospital in Dublin, Georgia, as well as Southeast Georgia Health Systems.

Heartland EMS employs over 120 full- and part-time staff members and maintains a fleet of 26 ambulances and four non-emergency transport vehicles. The 911 Dispatch Centers are utilized for all 911 coverage areas and Heartland maintains a dispatch center in Dublin, Georgia, for inter-facility support services.

Emergency: 911
Transport: (866) 249-7990
Billing: (478) 934-1133

Additional Information: www.hemsga.com